Thursday, 29 January 2015


So, January has been and gone in the blink of an eye and we're now into the month of February. Where does the time go?! January 2015 was quite an exciting one for me beauty wise, I received a few make-up bits for Christmas and also picked up some bits and bobs at the begging of the month which I was excited try out. I thought I'd share a couple of products that have really stood out to me and that have quickly become new favourites.

Lets start with the They're Real Mascara from Benefit. I had been wanting to try out this mascara for so long but I've always been put off by the price tag (I'm always more of a drug store kinda gal). I was so happy when I received it for Christmas and I was not disappointed with the results. This is by far the best mascara I have tried to date! It gives my lashes great length and volume whilst separating the lashes without leaving any clumps whatsoever which I've always found a difficult quality to find in a mascara.

Next up is a very recent find, it's the Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin. My skin over the past year has been ridiculously oily, to the point that I was applying a matte powder every 2 hours or so. Not cool. I decided it was time to up my skincare routine and actually start looking after my skin. I found this little gem whilst on a supermarket trip one day and I'm so glad that I did. Since using this, my skin has gone from producing excessive oil, to being 90% grease free and also surprisingly soft. This stuff is some sort of magic. I'm utterly amazed with the results considering the teeny tiny price tag and this is definitely now one of my holy grail products.

Another favourite this month has been my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I've never been a massive eye shadow wearer. I used to see it as an unnecessary added step in the process of my morning and to be honest, I have always been absolutely crap at applying it. I was ever so lucky to receive this palette as a Christmas gift and I've become a lover of the natural, everyday shadow look.

Last but not least is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which came with the Core Collection. I recently purchased the core collection as I wanted to start extending my brush collection and I actually only owned the expert face brush which was starting to fall apart after being used everyday for almost 2 years. A very much loved brush indeed. I had heard many people raving about it and I now know why. This brush apply's my foundation beautifully, it doesn't leave any little lines or streaks and makes my foundation look flawless and very natural. 

So those are my favourite products from January, I'd love to hear what you've been loving this month in the comments! See you next time

Shannon x

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