Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Since starting my blog and reading endless beauty related posts, I've noticed some very bad habits that I didn't realise I possessed. I thought I'd share a couple of them with you today!

Not cleaning my makeup brushes
This is probably the worst of them all. I try to do it every two to three weeks which is actually quite a while to leave between washes. To be completely honest I'm just lazy, simple as that. I'll leave it until the point of break outs until I move my arse and actually wash them! *slaps wrist* 

Biting my lips
Being the anxious girl that I am, biting my lips whether it be on my daily commute to work or in general social situations is a regular occurrence, leaving them extremely sore and cut. This is also the worst thing possible during the winter months as my lips get extremely dry anyway.

Not using heat defense spray on my hair 
Since the start of using heat on my hair I've never religiously used heat defense spray. It's always been one of those 'oh I'll pick that up next time, it's not that important' products that you never actually get round to picking up and the cycle continues.. This probably also explains the recent ongoing breakage my hair keeps suffering.

Letting my nails chip
Another dreadfully lazy habit of mine. Whether I pick them or they chip naturally, it surely cannot be good to let them get down to little circles of polish remaining on the nails looking gross.

Neglecting my body
Now, recently I've been pretty good at looking after my face but the rest of my body seems to just get forgotten about..all of the time. I absolutely love the feeling of soft, moisturised and hydrated skin but I find it such a tedious little task waiting for the moisturiser/body butter or whatever it may be to sink in to the skin before getting dressed and that initial 'sticky' feeling. Not to mention doing so in these freezing winter conditions. I'll regret it one day when I'm all saggy in places I didn't realise could be saggy and my face is as plump as a peach.. 

Never going to the hair dressers, like..ever.
How about if I told you that the last time I visited a hair salon was around two years ago? I know, it's shocking. And even then I demanded that I only wanted the teensiest bit of hair chopped off. I always seem to put it off because I have trust issues with hair dressers (pre teen trauma with a terrible hair cut left me err.. fragile) or because I just can't afford to go to a decent salon. It's recommended to go every 6-8 weeks just for a trim but I'm yet to find a hair salon that I trust and can rely on! 

So, they're just a few of my bad beauty habits for you all to gape at! Do you have any bad habits that you just can't break?

See you soon!

Shannon - xo

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